Characteristics of Effective Infographics Activity II

Using the same list of characteristics from Activity I identify attributes that you feel have a subjective component, that is two people might look at the same infographic and have different impressions about how well it meets that attribute, and ones that you feel can be evaluated objectively.  (Note that this activity is very subjective.)

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  • The qualities that have subjective points of view are Use of color, whether is was interesting, and it’s creativity because those depend on how the reader interprets them whereas LATCH, accuracy, and quality of data are objective because its imterpreation is consistent from viewer to viewer.

    1 Claudia Autore said this (November 10, 2011 at 6:50 pm)

  • For the subjective category, we chose the following characteristics: easy to read, easy to understand, interesting, manageable amounts of information, visually pleasing, grab viewers attention, creative, and appropriate use of fonts. We chose these categories to show subjectivity because they all exemplify attributes that could be seen differently by different people. For example, what grabs my attention is not going to be the same as what grabs another person’s attention because everybody processes visual information differently. However, when it comes to objective information this does not hold true. With this, a category either is or isn’t, there isn’t much to debate about. So, we chose the following categories to show objectivity: has a point of view, clear labeling, data dense, space management, Miller’s magic number, and use of pictures.

    2 hkenned2 said this (November 8, 2011 at 11:23 pm)

  • The subjective or opinion based characteristics my group chose were interesting, visually pleasing, creative, engaging, and display what is relevant. We choose all of these as subjective characteristics because they can all be debated or argued. Something one person may find visually pleasing may be unpleasant to someone else therefore this trait is subjective. Our objective or fact based characteristics were clear labeling, black and white factor, legibility, simple and organized, and appropriate use of fonts because all of these attributes are provably true. You can test the black and white factor as well as the legibility to show that there is no dispute on if the data is clear.

    3 kshavala said this (November 8, 2011 at 1:48 pm)

  • When it came down to the list of attributes that we had received, we found that it was tougher to find objective attributes than it was subjective. For the subjective attributes, we included: Visually pleasing, grabs viewers attention, engaging, creative, and appropriate use of fonts. All of these characteristics can be interpreted and taken n many different ways, depending on the person and their preferences. For the objective data, we included: Data dense, Accuracy, Use of axis labels and scales, and no distortion of data. For the attributes, they are pretty straight forward. There shouldn’t be any question on what these mean and how they are interpreted.

    4 bgeorge said this (November 8, 2011 at 11:56 am)

  • The list given on activity one is filled with both subjective and objective attributes. My group found that having a graph be: creative, engaging, appropriate size, appropriate use of fonts, and display what is relevant are all subjective qualities. The reason we said that these items are subjective is because they have no real set definitions or standards. These attributes also can be seen by many different people and interpreted many different ways. We also found point of view, LATCH, use of axis labels and scales, vertical or horizontal organization and no distortion of data to be objective. The reason we found these to be objective is because they have a clear definition and set of standards. The other reason we found them to be objective is because the graphic either has these qualifications or it doesn’t.

    5 nadyasyed said this (November 6, 2011 at 9:50 pm)